Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is a masterpiece of nature that turns thousands of stone islands into fantastic sculptural and artistic works of various shapes.

These stone islands have experienced unpredictable changes over time and take on different forms from different angles of view. One looks like a dragon hovering above the sea surface, another like an old man fishing. Let your imagination run free, and be taken aback by their natural magnificence. Inside the stone islands are various breath-taking caves, outstanding in size and beauty.

We have created tours to give you the ultimate Ha Long experience. Different options available to suit you, ranging from day tours, to 3 nights including a cruise and night/s on an island – all tours are made complete with treks, kayaking, cycling, snorkeling, and cave tours. The boats we use are fully equipped with modern and comfortable cabins, and inclusive of meals. With fresh seafood at bay you are guaranteed to be impressed.

This tour will make you feel like a tiny fish in a very extraordinary pond, a feeling that is second to none, giving you a new zest for appreciating pure nature.

Please email us at bookings@hanoirendezvoushotel.com for more information, we’re here to help you get the most out of your experiences.

The Legend of Ha Long Bay
“Once upon a time, soon after the Vietnamese established their country, invaders came. The Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons down to earth to help the Viet people fight against their enemy. Right at the time invaders’ boats were rushing to the shore, the dragons landed down on earth. Immediately, the dragons sent out from their mouths many pearls, which then turned into thousands of stone islands emerging in the sea like great walls challenging the invaders’ boats. The fast boats couldn’t manage to stop, crashing into the islands, into each other, and breaking into pieces.
After the victory, Mother Dragon and Child Dragons did nott return to Heaven but stayed on earth at the place where the battle had occurred. The location Mother Dragon landed is now Ha Long Bay and the Child Dragons descended at Bai Tu Long. The dragons’ tails waving in the water created Long Vi (present Tra Co peninsula) and formed a fine sand beach over ten kilometers long”.

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