Fun @ HRH

Restaurant / Bar at Hanoi Rendezvous Hotel

Hanoi Rendezvous Hotel’s Restaurant  and Bar caters for your every taste-bud.

We provide both Western and Vietnamese cuisine, Wine, Beer, and Spirits.

Opens early, closes late.

Escape the busy streets and revive yourself in our cozy dining area.

Information and Facts from Hanoi Rendezvous Hotel

The Vietnamese People are well aware of who’s a tourist and who’s not.  They see us coming from miles away, and can be very persistent with offering moto-taxis, cyclos, regular taxis, waving for you to come into their restaurant, offering to sell you maps, books, wanting to clean your shoes, and the list goes on.

The streets can be a little tricky to become familiar with, and even if you can follow a map, you might not know the must see attractions, top restaurants, how to find food street, what food street even is, where to go for the best bargain clothes, where to find the best Vietnamese food stalls, how to ask for food once you’ve found one, etc.

Bargaining can be quite difficult for some, and for others loads of fun; we want to make it enjoyable for you by providing average costs for numerous items.

We help get you familiar with some common Vietnamese phrases, which are sure to amuse the Vietnamese people, but more importantly have you become more involved in this City you are a visiting.

You will get so much more out of your Hanoi stay with these little treasure tips!

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